Hi, I'm Katy

Hi, I’m Katy

Welcome to The Perfect Pelvis

Are you constantly looking for the next restroom, afraid of jumping on the trampoline with your kids or picking up your grandchild because your bladder will leak? Has sex become painful and want to return to how it used to be? If this is your new normal, it doesn’t have to be. You’re not alone … and we can help!

We help people with incontinence and pelvic pain get back to active lives without the need for surgery or medications.

You can talk to your friends and family about your back pain, but pelvic health issues, such as urinary incontinence and painful sex, are different—it can feel embarrassing to tell anyone. Even if you have friends or family you can talk to, they may have little to no advice to provide.

Who can you ask for help when you have urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, or pelvic pain?

The Perfect Pelvis was created to help people get answers as to why they are hurting or leaking. Then provide the treatment they need, so that they can get back to living life on their terms. Each appointment is approximately 60 minutes long, allowing time to discover and treat the root cause of the problem- not just mask symptoms.

Medications and surgery can be helpful, and even necessary for some patients, but they may have side effects.

Physical therapy for the pelvic floor has no side effects.

If you want to live life free of incontinence and pain, and want a treatment that works to treat the root cause of the problem without side effects- call for your free screen today.

The Perfect Pelvis can help.