We are so sorry you are experiencing this pain! Hopefully these tips will help you feel better. HERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU CAN DO TO EASE THE PAIN OF PUBIC SYMPHYSIS (Lightening Crotch): #1 keep your knees together and roll out of bed like a board. #2 Use a pillow between your knees when sleeping….

The short answer is yes. Exercise is the biggest pain killer on the planet. If you run 6 miles your body will release the equivalent of 10 mg of morphine. But you need to make sure you do it safely. For example, if you haven’t run in years and all of a sudden you decide…

ARE KEGELS ALWAYS THE ANSWER? In the pelvic floor education world we talk so much about doing Kegels to help with urinary incontinence, how to do them correctly and what devices can help one engage these muscles correctly. Believe it or not, though, there are times when Kegel exercises might not be the answer for…

When going to see a clinician for urinary incontinence, there are products and devices you may be introduced to. This can be intimidating, as you think to yourself “What IS that?!” However, it doesn’t have to be. Though your healthcare provider will take time to explain the recommended items and their use, let’s take a…

Ever wondered how what we put into our bodies affects bladder health? Or noticed you go out for a nice dinner and drinks, only to find yourself paying for it the next day with increased incontinence or pain? If you have ever experienced the above, you are not crazy! There is a logical correlation between…

Stuck In Line with No Way To Go!

Are you stuck in line? No bathroom nearby, but you really gotta go! Try some urge suppression techniques. 1. Try doing some small kegels. The key is to make sure these are small. Large kegels can make the urge worse. For more information on how to do kegels correctly, see the blog at www.theperfectpelvis.com 2….

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