Have a Glass of Wine and Relax

At first glance, this may seem like wonderful advice. Who wouldn’t want to get this prescription from their doctor? But the reality is, that many people with pelvic pain have received this advice in the past.
Pelvic pain is REAL musculoskeletal pain.
Pelvic pain can include muscle strains, muscle tightness, nerve injuries, coccyx injuries, and many other problems. These issues are every bit as real as low back injuries.
If you were prescribed to have a glass of wine and relax when you went in for low back pain, would you feel that the doctor was really listening to you? Would you feel like you were getting the best care possible?
We should expect the same quality of care for pelvic pain that we would for any other issue.
Fortunately, there are many wonderful physicians in the Kansas City area who are aware of the best treatments available for pelvic pain. They will make sure you get appropriate medications, and many will also recommend physical therapy.
If you ever need recommendations for some of the wonderful providers here in the Kansas City area, feel free to contact me. I will get you pointed in the right direction 😊


Dr. Katy Rush

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