We are so sorry you are experiencing this pain! Hopefully these tips will help you feel better.


#1 keep your knees together and roll out of bed like a board.

#2 Use a pillow between your knees when sleeping.

#3 When you get in the car sit on edge of the seat and bring your knees together then bring both legs in together.

#4 Do kegels by taking a deep breath in and relaxing the pelvic floor, then on the out breath pull up through your pelvic floor and hold for the whole out breath repeat 30 times throughout the day (try adding 10 kegels to breakfast, lunch and dinner or any routines you already have.)

#5 Strengthen your hips by squeezing a ball between your legs to strengthen the inner thighs.

#6 Wear a maternity brace.

#7 Imagine you are a lady from the 1800s and you need to keep your knees together all the time!

Things to avoid when you have Pubic Symphysis pain:

#1 Lunges

#2 Activities where you are planting one foot and moving the other, like kicking a ball.

#3 Be very careful with stairs, avoid them if possible.

#4 Picking up a child with knees apart.

#5 Avoid getting out of bed one leg at a time. Remember to be stiff as a board and move your body as a whole.

If you are local to the Kansas City area please call or text 816-607-3747 to set up a screening:)

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