Stuck In Line with No Way To Go!

Are you stuck in line? No bathroom nearby, but you really gotta go!
Try some urge suppression techniques.

1. Try doing some small kegels. The key is to make sure these are small. Large kegels can make the urge worse. For more information on how to do kegels correctly, see the blog at

2. Distract yourself. Try to figure the exact amount of money you are saving, count the people in line behind you, review your shopping list etc. It doesn’t really matter WHAT you distract yourself with, just don’t focus on how much you need to go.

3. Try wiggling your foot. This can help to decrease your urge to go.

4. If you have access to a chair, try sitting down. Sitting on a towel with pressure directly on the perineum can help get rid of the urge to go.

Happy Shopping!!!


Dr. Katy Rush

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