We Love Falling Leaves

It’s fall! While we love falling leaves, falling bladders are not ok. If you feel like YOUR bladder is falling, what can you do?

1. See your doctor for a sling surgery. This surgery is a simple outpatient procedure that pulls the bladder back up into the body. While the surgery itself is simple, many women seek to avoid it because of the possible complications that happen afterwards. (For more information, Google vaginal mesh)

2. Be fitted for a pessary. This is a silicone device that you place within the vagina to support the bladder. In the US only your doctor can fit you for this.

3. See a pelvic floor physical therapist for an individualized program to address pelvic floor muscle weakness, proper coordination of the pelvic floor with your breathing, scar tissue massage / mobilization and how to use these exercises in your daily life.

4. Do nothing…just let it continue to get worse as time goes on.

Which will you choose??? I highly recommend option 3 😉


Dr. Katy Rush

The Perfect Pelvis

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