What About Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Have you ever heard of vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation includes a range of surgical procedures performed by gynecologists or plastic surgeons. The purpose is to decrease the average diameter of the vagina, mainly for sexual reasons. Vaginal rejuvenation is also be performed with the use of a laser (commonly called the Mona Lisa touch or FemTouch) for atrophic vaginal walls.

Are these treatments helpful?

According to a recent comparison of studies published in the International Journal of Women’s Health, there is some evidence that these procedures are effective. However, the studies have been completed on small numbers of patients. Long term effects have not been well studied. Many of the studies have only been published on websites of private surgeons or centers of cosmetic and esthetic surgery. This raises concerns about the possible existence of financial and personal conflicts of interest affecting the accuracy of the outcomes.

The surgical procedures also have possible complications including dyspareunia (painful sex). Sexual dysfunction may have many different anatomical causes, and surgery is not indicated for all of them. For instance, if a prolapse is present, treatment with a laser that treats atrophic changes within the skin will not improve the issue. Instead, a more appropriate treatment would be pelvic floor physical therapy for strengthening the muscles in cases of a mild prolapse. A sling surgery to support the organs may be necessary in more severe cases. On the other hand, a patient may receive great benefits from laser therapy if the vaginal tissue has atrophied and they are wanting to avoid the use of topical estrogen cream.

Where to Start

In any situation, a full examination by a qualified urogynecologist is recommended. Also, a great place to start with treatment of laxity within the pelvic floor is with simple kegel exercises. In many cases, strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor will improve sexual function in both men and women. These exercises have no side effects and are very simple to do.

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