What To Expect In Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum recovery is a period of physical and emotional adjustment for new mothers. It can be difficult to understand what to expect during this time, so it’s important to be prepared.

During postpartum recovery, new mothers may experience changes in their bodies and emotions that range from mild discomfort to severe pain.

They may also feel overwhelmed by the demands of caring for their baby, which can lead to feelings of anxiety or depression. This blog aims to provide an overview of postpartum recovery and offer tips on how to cope with any challenges that arise.

With the right knowledge and support, postpartum recovery can be an empowering experience for new mothers.

What You Can Expect in the Postpartum Recovery Period

After giving birth, the body and mind will go through many changes and it is important that the new mother understands what could be causing some of those changes as you recover. Here are some of the things that you might be experiencing, what they mean, and ways to treat the different changes or problems:

1. Soreness or pain: During the postpartum recovery period, you can expect to experience some soreness due to the stretching of your abdominal muscles during childbirth. Treat this with gentle exercises such as walking, yoga, or light stretching and using heat packs to reduce discomfort.

2. Bleeding: You may experience bleeding after birth that can last anywhere from four to six weeks. To manage this, it’s important to wear pads and change them frequently; avoid strenuous activities; and rest often so that your body has time to heal properly.

3. Emotional changes: Many women experience a range of emotions during the postpartum period, which can include sadness, anxiety, irritability and exhaustion. To cope with these feelings, you should make sure to get plenty of sleep and rest; talk to friends and family about your feelings; and practice self-care such as yoga or journaling.

4. Postpartum Physical Changes: You can expect physical changes during the postpartum period such as swollen breasts, constipation, fatigue, hair loss and stretch marks. To help manage these physical changes, it’s important to eat a healthy diet rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals; drink plenty of water; and exercise regularly.

5. Postpartum Pelvic Health Problems: After childbirth, some women may experience pelvic health issues such as urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse caused by weakened muscles from delivery. Treatments for these issues can include pelvic floor exercises, muscle-strengthening exercises, and Kegel exercises to help restore strength in the pelvic muscles. Additionally, your doctor may prescribe medications or physical therapy to treat some of these conditions.

Why Physical Therapy Can Help in Postpartum Recovery

Physical therapy can be particularly helpful during the postpartum recovery period. It can help with soreness, bleeding and emotional changes by providing exercises that strengthen abdominal muscles, reduce tension in the pelvic muscles and provide techniques for relaxation.

We, as physical therapists, are also experts at helping people identify potential risks associated with postpartum conditions such as incontinence or organ prolapse, so they can suggest specific treatments to manage these issues.

Additionally, physical therapists can provide education on proper posture and body positioning to promote healing and reduce discomfort. By working closely with a physical therapist during the postpartum period, you’ll be able to get back into your regular activities more quickly while feeling strong and confident in your new body.

If you are still having pain after giving birth, have concerns about the different problems you make experiencing, or have questions about the recovery process, Come see us so we can help!

Experiencing Problems or Changes During Postpartum and Have Questions About the Recovery Process

If you are struggling with pain or soreness that won’t go away, experience other issues mentioned above, or have questions about the postpartum recovery process, feel free to schedule a free phone consult, or contact us to arrange a $57 screening. You can also feel free to give us a call at 816.607.3747 (We still like to talk on the phone!)

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